Outdoor. The parka with double hood, made of acid green cotton canvas, the round-neck sweatshirt with contrasting hems and the denim shirt. White sneakers with blue stripes and socks with a graphic pattern. An outdoor total look, perfect for the young British actor Matthew Beard (The Imitation Game, An Education) portrayed by Rankin. An alternative way of wearing colours, with a mood of fashionable free-time in contrast with the same old “jeans with grey sweatshirt”. But for the Over 30s (the maximum age allowed for such a strong menswear)? First of all, avoid the acid colours. Prefer sneakers with performing upper and non-colours, like white, black or grey. Trousers have to be mentioned apart, because there are a lot of them, but all the same and it’s easy to choose the usual chino or the denim 5pockets. But how many of them do you already have? If you’d like to buy new trousers for your free time, opt for some special details.


Color Power. North Sails Jacket, Moncler Gamme Bleu Kilt. Ph. Giovanni Gastel, Styling Alessandro Calascibetta, Model Edward Wilding.


Style that lives through trends. That appreciated vintage touch, that intellectual-retro taste that remains intact. The portrait of the sculptor Mario Ceroli in his studio (above) conveys the idea, a frame that could be both two or forty years old: static in its currentness. The artists of Ceroli’s generation usually don’t follow dynamics and evolutions of fashion in the strict sense, but their style reveals a certain sensitivity and personality. In this case there’s a sporty attitude, even if the details – the denim shirt, buttoned up, and the gun belt – keep us guessing a tendency for order and a high degree of irony, respectively. This week’s style suggestions are for those who aim for wearing something new but that would last and live through evolutions/revolutions “imposed” by fashion.


Franco Brusati (1922-1993) has been one of the first italian film directors treating homosexuality as an open matter. He was the directon and screenwriter the 1978 movie “To forget Venice”, which it’s just been restored and released uncut.(At that time a few full-frontal scenes have been censured). The movie is about this two gay couples (Mariangela Melato/Eleonora Giorgi – Erland Josephson/David Pontremoli) in the Veneto countryside. The story developes between past and present and the main character it’s the ex lirical singer Marta ( Ella Petri). The movie won a David di Donatello Award and it reaches some points of pure narrative poetry especially towards the end, it is a dated movie, but still very interesting and quite elegant, with that country chic styling.