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MAX 2006

Good vibes, waiting for summer: the best colored swimwear of that season selected for Max. Ph. Enzo Dal Verme, Styling Carlo Ortenzi




M like Mode. The first issue of M was published twelve years ago, in spring 2006. M was one among many glossy fashion magazines: nice size (big), high-quality paper, great photographers and important brands for pages that showed the season’s trends; it was the last fashion specialized published by Rizzoli. The type and font of the letter M was the same of a very popular RCS magazine: Max, the monthly publication well-known for calendars (Ferilli issue was reprinted and sold more than 500thousands copies). But Max was many other things: De Niro on the cover of the first issue (1985) and the first italian magazine to have Lady Gaga on the cover (december 2009, picture by Ellen Von Unwerth) back when no one would have imagined, thanks to the intuition of Andrea Rossi: the same journalist that today writes “Il graffio” for Style Magazine. M like Mode, M like Max. Many readers conserve M issues still today, that hung in there since the beginning of the great crisis, three years later. And it’s interesting to notice that today many young people, between 25 and 35 years old, show a real interest for paper magazines that are high-impact, glossy, very well-finished. But the best thing is to be a success both in paper and online publications: an example? The supplement you are reading, Io Donna…




When Nouvelle Vague meets the indie mood: a nonchalant elegance made of oversized coat, mohair sweaters and a great balance between classic and sporty details. Ph. Fanny Latour-Lambert, Styling Luca Roscini.




Borsa, Eastpak x Maison Kitsuné, s/s 2018.

Un colosso americano, che ha accompagnato generazioni di viaggiatori e studenti. Un brand franco-giapponese molto cool, nato dalla collaborazione creativa tra il manager di Daft Punk, Gildas Loaëc e l’architetto Masaya Kuroki. Eastpak e Maison Kitsuné s’incontrano, dando vita a una capsule di cinque pezzi, tra zaini, borse e valigie: forme e materiali sono Eastpak, stampe e rifiniture sono Kitsuné. La shopper bag è così doppiamente iconica, grazie al marchio sulle cinghie e al logo vintage Eastpak 1952; la peculiare stampa camouflage, che nasconde piccole volpi, fa un particolare contrasto con i dettagli in rosso. Il risultato è sportivo e raffinato allo stesso tempo. A cura di Angelica Pianarosa, Foto Michele Gastl. 

An american giant, that went along generations of travellers and students. A very cool french-japanese brand, born from the creative collaboration between the manager of Daft Punk, Gildas Loaëc, and the architect Masaya Kuroki. Eastpak and Maison Kitsuné connect up giving birth to a capsule of five, between bags, backpacks, trolleys: shapes and materials are Eastpak, prints and details are Kitsuné. The shopping bag is doubly iconic, thanks to the logo printed on the straps and the vintage logo Eastpak 1952; the peculiar camouflage print, that hides little foxes, makes a particular contrast with red details. The result is sporty and refined at the same time. Edited by Angelica Pianarosa, Ph. Michele Gastl.