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M like Mode. The first issue of M was published twelve years ago, in spring 2006. M was one among many glossy fashion magazines: nice size (big), high-quality paper, great photographers and important brands for pages that showed the season’s trends; it was the last fashion specialized published by Rizzoli. The type and font of the letter M was the same of a very popular RCS magazine: Max, the monthly publication well-known for calendars (Ferilli issue was reprinted and sold more than 500thousands copies). But Max was many other things: De Niro on the cover of the first issue (1985) and the first italian magazine to have Lady Gaga on the cover (december 2009, picture by Ellen Von Unwerth) back when no one would have imagined, thanks to the intuition of Andrea Rossi: the same journalist that today writes “Il graffio” for Style Magazine. M like Mode, M like Max. Many readers conserve M issues still today, that hung in there since the beginning of the great crisis, three years later. And it’s interesting to notice that today many young people, between 25 and 35 years old, show a real interest for paper magazines that are high-impact, glossy, very well-finished. But the best thing is to be a success both in paper and online publications: an example? The supplement you are reading, Io Donna…



Borsa, Valentino Garavani, s/s 2017.

Da diverse stagioni, ormai, un caposaldo degli accessori Valentino Garavani, sia per l’uomo che per la donna, è la linea Rockstud, caratterizzata dall’iconica borchia piramidale. In diversi formati decora borse, scarpe, cinture. La borsa maschile per la p/e 2017 è una messenger in vitello martellato effetto matelassè, costellata di piccole borchie in rutenio. Rock ma con garbo. A cura di Angelica Pianarosa, Foto Michele Gastl. 

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Sacca, Valentino Garavani s/s 2016

La backpack mania è ancora restia ad estinguersi, ma nella p/e di Valentino Garavani, la collezione di accessori della maison Valentino, non mancano proposte di borse da uomo differenti, dall’estro sussurrato, come le pochette stampate a fantasia floreale oppure i borselli profilati dalle tipiche borchie piramidali. E lo zaino, in questo caso, diventa più una sacca destrutturata chiusa da coulisse, dai colori delicati a contrasto e dalle piccole dimensioni. I materiali? Morbida pelle di vitello, e platino per le borchie. Preziosità pastello. A cura di Angelica Pianarosa, Foto Michele Gastl.


The backpack mania 

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Summer in Style. We are often tempted, in summer and especially at the seaside, to “relax” our look, running the risk to fall into sloppiness. Pool or beach, luxury hotels with Spa or home, I suggest to you what to avoid. No to slippers, yes to flip-flops or, better, espadrillas. No to baggy bermuda shorts, full of pockets that you’ll fill with every stuff from the iPhone to suntan lotion, with a terrible clunky effect. Briefs costumes are more suitable at the swimming pool and only if you are thin; in other cases opt for shorts (this summer say no to flower prints, we’ve had enough last summer). Polo shirt? Ok. But never rise the collar: it’s not “cool”, it’s coarse. Hand bags, no thanks: choose a matching backpack. And finally, in the evening, at the restaurant: is it so hot not to wear an unlined light (or blue) jacket and a linen shirt? Come on. Goodbye everybody (the column will restart in september) and have a nice holiday. The pool of the Tombolo Resort in Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Livorno (