Archivio di marzo, 2013


Brunch-time is one of the best times of the week, a context of space and time either short or long lasting, without any rules. I like it because you can be alone, in New York as in Milan without having the feeling of being watched, perhaps by commiserative eyes. I like that leisure atmosphere, having no constictions and no particular etiquette to follow. I like it because it marks the end of the week leading you through sweet and savory to the beginning of a new one, an interlude of bacon, fried eggs and muffins. The best one, I have to say, is the brunch in Paris: at the Cafè du Palays Royalafter wandering around the jardin or any brasserie in the Marais or Saint Germain de Pres. The typical Parisian’s artistic (also slightly cheeky)temper, is quite fashinating. They are the only men in the world who can manage to look attractive even before shaving, hiding their uncombed hair under unconvincing ugly hats, wearing large shapeless cargo trousers and pulling them off incredibly well pairing them with worn out monk strap shoes instead of the same old sneakers. In the picture a ceramic plate by Fornasetti






A very unexpected large shape for a total look by Gianni Versace, so back current in those years expecially in his fashion. Photo by Koto Bolofo.



Denim has been surprising us for over 50 years and it’s not over yet. At this point we all know that the fabric was born in the 17th century as an excellent material for making working clothes. From 1900 denim has been used for everyday clothing. It’s been one of the tangible symbols of the youth revolution and over time became part of designers’ collections, especially during the 80s and 90s when entire collections have been dedicated to denim. But the most important thing to consider is that denim is ageless, it can be used by young people as much as by the over 50s. It has lost all its ideological values over time, now it can be worn by anyone and it has no gender identity. The “Blue Jeans” exhibition inaugurated last november at the Centraal Museum of Utrecht by head of art direction of dutch brand G- Star Pierre Morisset, will be open to the public until march 10. The exhibition shows the history and evolution of denim through all the experimental and creative aspects, from the beginning till today. Denim menswear has not lost its sheen, being suggested every season with different treatments, colors and shapes and also for accessories.


A well displayed chronograph worn on top of a tailored shirt cuff. Then we have two precious rings- the first one it’s a remarkable ring (by Gucci), the second one it’s a wedding ring (by Chopard) classic regimental suspenders (by Brooks Brothers), tieclip (by Paul Smith) and of course the tie, regimental as well. All peculiarities that distinguish men which are included in the history of style, “the Lawyer” and John Kennedy, and objects that many of us are keeping in the drawer and not using anymore. The new traditional menswear it’s luxurious and strong, inspiring men to consider a style that is coming back: a determined contemporary man, with a  maniacal obsession with grooming, and a strong inclination for success. An ambitious kind of man, sometimes arrogant, which requires a polished look indeed. Such display of confidence can appear irritating but it doesn’t have to be condemned tout court: when it’s not exhibitionism  it’s just a form of  respect, for ourselves and  others.