tintoria mattei



The bridge dedicated to PPP. Ariola is a district of Gerocarne, in the province of Vibo Valentia, in Calabria, with 500 inhabitants in 1960. That year, a certain writer and director that made history arrived thereabouts: Pier Paolo Pasolini. He started the research for the location of “The Gospel according to St. Matthew”, 4 years before the first action. At that time, Ariola could be reached only with a mule track: Pasolini promised to contribute to the building of a bridge, in order to make the life of the inhabitants easier (today they’re around two hundred). The bridge was built and the director kept in touch with a family living there through letters: that, unfortunately, were lost during the emigrations in the following years. In that small town there are four workshops of ceramists that, probably, wouldn’t have existed without that bridge. 57 years later- maybe a little too late- in march, the bridge was dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini.


The knot is tied. The art of knotting a tie (or a bow-tie, or an ascot): a leit-motif which has been handed down for decades on men’s magazines. Vintage illustrations, picture of models tying a knot in front of a mirror, and the list goes on. One thing is sure and indisputable: a beautiful tie badly knotted becomes an ugly tie. What’s more, there’s to be careful about measures. The tie’s width, that mustn’t be more than 6 cms, and its lenght. The end must touch the upper edge of the belt, it musn’t be longer nor shorter. I prefer the tight knot, thin, with that little cleft that in jargon has a bit scandalous definition, so I don’t mention it on this page! Choose prints, bright colours, knitting than the usual silk; give up, at least for this season, the classic regimental and prefer the micro-prints. Finally, match the tie with suits in the same colour or – on the contrary – break with contrasting colours.


Summer in Style. We are often tempted, in summer and especially at the seaside, to “relax” our look, running the risk to fall into sloppiness. Pool or beach, luxury hotels with Spa or home, I suggest to you what to avoid. No to slippers, yes to flip-flops or, better, espadrillas. No to baggy bermuda shorts, full of pockets that you’ll fill with every stuff from the iPhone to suntan lotion, with a terrible clunky effect. Briefs costumes are more suitable at the swimming pool and only if you are thin; in other cases opt for shorts (this summer say no to flower prints, we’ve had enough last summer). Polo shirt? Ok. But never rise the collar: it’s not “cool”, it’s coarse. Hand bags, no thanks: choose a matching backpack. And finally, in the evening, at the restaurant: is it so hot not to wear an unlined light (or blue) jacket and a linen shirt? Come on. Goodbye everybody (the column will restart in september) and have a nice holiday. The pool of the Tombolo Resort in Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Livorno (tombolotalasso.it)