Yacht club. That kind of menswear inspired by the sea can be easily defined as timeless. Yes to jackets (for the yacht), windbreakers (for the sailing boat), pullover made of cotton (for both), accessories for watersports. And, for the most elegant, yes to the classic double-breasted blue navy blazer with contrasting buttons for the happy hour. Why are they timeless pieces? The striped sweater reminds us of the pictures of Dalì with Garcia Lorca in the 20s. The windbreaker reminds us of the legendary Jacques Cousteau in the documentaries of the 60s/70s. Actually, the steel cronograph can be also worn in the city, as the white trousers, that perfectly match red and blue (but never wear them all together, they immediately make think about the french flag). In terms of shoes, espadrilles are allowed only at the seaside. Jacques Cousteau on the Calypso, ex minesweeper of the Royal Navy, after a diving exploration.


Summer in Style. We are often tempted, in summer and especially at the seaside, to “relax” our look, running the risk to fall into sloppiness. Pool or beach, luxury hotels with Spa or home, I suggest to you what to avoid. No to slippers, yes to flip-flops or, better, espadrillas. No to baggy bermuda shorts, full of pockets that you’ll fill with every stuff from the iPhone to suntan lotion, with a terrible clunky effect. Briefs costumes are more suitable at the swimming pool and only if you are thin; in other cases opt for shorts (this summer say no to flower prints, we’ve had enough last summer). Polo shirt? Ok. But never rise the collar: it’s not “cool”, it’s coarse. Hand bags, no thanks: choose a matching backpack. And finally, in the evening, at the restaurant: is it so hot not to wear an unlined light (or blue) jacket and a linen shirt? Come on. Goodbye everybody (the column will restart in september) and have a nice holiday. The pool of the Tombolo Resort in Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Livorno (