larry scott

M 2006

Stunning Larry Scott wearing leather masculine outfits for M. Ph. Noelle Hoeppe, Styling Serge Girardi. Leather Jacket Dolce & Gabbana.



45-MODA-R-schema-libero_Storia7His name’s Scott. The relationship between Larry Paul Scott as a model and as an artist is like that between Sean Connery and James Bond: like Connery has never succeeded in getting free from Bond, so Larry can’t purge him from the image of his face on the first campaign of Acqua di Giò. Then you search for him on Google and you find out that last June in Spain, in Girona, he has carried out his first photography exhibition. Scott’s photography is only in black and white, he has portrayed real people, focusing on the glamour and the trash of the nightlife of New York City, but I prefer his triptychs composed by nature, human beings and architectures, that emphasize perfection, beauty and nature. On Instagram, that by now is the most important agency for photographers in the world, you can find him as @larrypaulscott. Maybe we’ll see him again posing for fashion magazines, but as a talent, no more as a top model or, as he prefers to be defined, as an “ex top model”. Because today Larry is a great artist that deserves to be followed carefully.


The pinstriped doublebreasted. The peaked lapels. The silk shirt and the scarf knotted around the neck. The first steps of masculine/feminine by Tom Ford for Gucci in the early Nineties. Top Model Larry Scott, Picture by Davide Cernuschi, Styling Alessandro Calascibetta.



I’ve always appreciated, since the beginning of my career, Nino Cerruti’s feeling for fashion. I’ve watched at the grace and at the charme of his collections with a big respect. I think that Aldo Maria Camillo is the right man to continue his heritage. PH by Fabrizio Ferri. Top model Larry Scott wears Nino Cerruti.

STYLE 2012

Dark leather menswear is back from the 90’s. The trend started over again since last year’s fall winter collections. Photo by Larry Scott. Coat by Emporio Armani, waistcoat by Jean Paul Gaultier, trousers by Les Hommes.