Jeans, with its cultural values has always been part of the history of costume; Many volumes has been written about it and to bring up the concept now would be unnecessary.
I rather focus on the fashion side of denim ( proper name of the fabric that jeans are made of). Magazines in the 80s were filled with editorials about jeans, proposing total looks all over the place; fashion designers as well as Armani, Ferre’, Valentino, Venturi, Moschino and all of the highest brands of those years , has been creating special collections made of denim. Since then, jeans have lost its original feature and found itself being thrown on the other side of the barricade, from being a revolutionary object to becoming an object of desire, with a well displayed logo. That was almost thirty years ago and I still find it despicable to see anyone wearing denim head to toe. I rather to see a classic jacket optimized by a denim shirt. On the other hand, I’m not impressed by blue jeans with jackets: I generally frown upon that look and in the best case scenario it just leaves me uninterested. Picture from a 2012 Style editorial. Louis Vuitton jacket with a denim shirt. Original picture by Gianluca Fontana.
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