A great photographer and a memorable cover.Toni Thorimbert for Donna the super-slick avant-gard magazine founded by art director Flavio Luchini in 1980. The picture (on the left) is from the book Paperback, from a 1991 editorial where the subject was The Evening. Just like any other Toni’s picture, this one has a lot of energy :the models, just as they were dancing, seem not to care if they are making a mess with the dresses, creating a sense of peerless realism: it’s interesting to notice how this photographic approach can melt the austerity of a flawless look as a tuxedo. But even far from fashion sets,  it is possible for that nonchalance to be applied in everyday’s life, chosing a different way of “wearing the evening”, for example, matching black and blue.

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