40-MODA-R-schema-libero_Storia7(1)Man in black. In the book Zeitgeist (published by Bandecchi & Vivaldi) that collects some pieces by Giuseppe Veneziano presented in 2010 during the exhibition with the same name, there’s a chapter dedicated to Villains. Veneziano, born in 1971 and recognised by critics and specialised magazines as one of the spokespeople of italian New Pop and of the group “Italian Newbrow”, like every artist worth of respect is fascinated by the dark side. “All the evil represents a potential vitality needy of transformation”, wrote the psychoanalyst Sheldon Kopp. And the sicilian artist depicts archetypes of comic-books. But pay attention, if you want to see how Venziano depicted the quintessentially Villain, unfortunately really existed, that is Adolf Hitler, look for his Madonna of the Third Reich, that horrified so much the bishop of Lucca and the archbishop of Pisa that it was removed from the exhibition in Pietrasanta. Sgarbi proposed it again, in Salemi, few time later.




Work in progress. -Style is also interpretation, expression of identity and personality. And fashion is desire of new, of “not seen yet”, maybe funny. A kind of game that, if played with intelligence, makes the daily routine of getting dressed more enjoyable-. Words by Giorgio Re, expert in history of fashion and writer of the column “Ieri & Oggi” (Yesterday & Today), very appreciated appointment on Style Magazine, that talks to those interested in this subject. But not only. Some suggestions are useful for everyone. Among the macro-trends there’s a hidden trend, not so showy. The author is Tomas Maier, that celebrates the 50 years of Bottega Veneta and 15 years as its creative director with this collection. The s/s 2017 explores the 30s and the 40s, concentrating on the worksuits used in those years. And he matches them with clothes printed with geometrical patterns with optical or camouflage effect. The wide volumes don’t leave doubts: this is a style for few.


40 MODA R schema libero70s’ Denim. It happens cyclically and punctually: 70s are back in fashion again. And I can tell you more: in summer 2016, flared trousers and flowery shirts will be in the top lists of all the fashion victims. In this season, on the other hand, the references of that anguished decade of the revolution against the hypocrisy of the middle class, that crumbling middle class well depicted by Luchino Visconti in Conversation Piece, are represented by the great offer of denim. But today it acquires a completely different meaning, far away from any revolutionary ideology. I like to think that in its own way denim would like to celebrate that social and cultural movement that some of us regret. Michael Douglas wearing jeans on the set of Napoleon and Samantha (1972)