gentucca bini



Work in progress. -Style is also interpretation, expression of identity and personality. And fashion is desire of new, of “not seen yet”, maybe funny. A kind of game that, if played with intelligence, makes the daily routine of getting dressed more enjoyable-. Words by Giorgio Re, expert in history of fashion and writer of the column “Ieri & Oggi” (Yesterday & Today), very appreciated appointment on Style Magazine, that talks to those interested in this subject. But not only. Some suggestions are useful for everyone. Among the macro-trends there’s a hidden trend, not so showy. The author is Tomas Maier, that celebrates the 50 years of Bottega Veneta and 15 years as its creative director with this collection. The s/s 2017 explores the 30s and the 40s, concentrating on the worksuits used in those years. And he matches them with clothes printed with geometrical patterns with optical or camouflage effect. The wide volumes don’t leave doubts: this is a style for few.