Forever Rock.

“I remember when rock was young”…sang Elton John in Crocodile Rock. This song is fourty years old but sounds younger. It sounds so up-to-date, that the word “rock” usually recur, especially in fashion shows’ reviews to describe (often improperly) fierce, strong and youthful attitude and fashion. A very successful style between young people, that keeps on being liked by much older men, those who maintain a style of dress consistent with a borderline way of life (at least in appearance). Fashion designers John Richmond, Ennio Capasa (Costume National Homme), Hedi Slimane (ex Dior Homme, now Saint Laurent Paris) and Roberto Cavalli are some of those that stick to rock appearance; others, in a more or less manifest and irregular way, deal with the subject mixing classic clothes with the black leather perfecto and pointed toe boots, as Balmain did for several seasons. Elton John’s outfit (right), who launched the song with the LP “Don’t shoot me I’m only the piano player” in 1973, conveys the idea fairly well. Elton John in a picture by Norman Parkinson taken from the book “Bespoke: the Men’s Style of Savile Row”.



It’s not easy to organize and realize a fashion shoot . The role of a creative director it’s essential as much as the photographer’s skills and creativity.
A team working on set is formed by many characters: the fashion editor (stylist), the groomer (hair and make up), the photographer’s assistants, the fashion assistant and obviously the subject.  A good overall result depends on the general mood of the team, the chemistry and harmony between the members. The empathic exchange between photographer and the subject portrayed it’s also an essential element, like the synergy between staff members. When you come across perfectly balanced situations on set, which can be rare, it’s possible to take outstanding pictures despite the worst odds, when you are shooting outdoors and it starts pouring rain, for example. Besides, when we shoot summer collections it’s still winter. Right: Richard Avedon and Fred Astaire on set filming “Funny Face” in Paris. Picture by David Seymour/Magnum from “Evidence 1944-1994 Richard Avedon”