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Degrees of separation. Rod Stewart’s shoes in this picture of 1965 with Long John Baldry (singer and guitarist of The British Blues) correspond with the short white socks of Marlon Brando in a portrait that has made history, with him crouched on a chair at Actors Studio. Yes, because if the “error” (or “horror”) comes from a remote past, and besides made by a celebrity, is cool; if it’s made by you, you are a chav. But fashion designers try to surprise us in many ways, with eccentric ideas on the borderline of good taste, so why does a guy today deserve to be called a person of bad taste? White socks are in fashion, for example. We must ask ourselves which is (and if there is) a degree of separation from good and bad. There are different kinds of fashion: conventional doesn’t admit mistakes, while fashion created on purpose, following our personality without worries and obligations, does. The history of Miuccia Prada menswear collections teaches us that oversights and imperfections are (or can be) a sign of personality that makes the difference. My advice: follow your instinct and, if you’re sure you can dare, do it. And if you dare, do it completely.



Stivaletti, Jimmy Choo, f/w 2017.

Dal 1996, anno della sua nascita, il brand Jimmy Choo è entrato a pieno titolo nell’empireo delle icone per i shoes-addicted: da sempre emblema della scarpa fashion ma di carattere, di lusso ma un po’ irriverente. Uno dei modelli di punta dell’ a/i maschile è uno stivaletto affusolato che incarna l’ispirazione di stagione, ovvero un rock ingentilito, con dettagli grintosi come il cinturino che avvolge la caviglia. Nella versione più “convinta” ci viene proposto in cavallino maculato, timidi astenersi. A cura di Angelica Pianarosa, Foto Michele Gastl. 

From 1996, year of birth, Jimmy Choo with full right has been considered one of the icon brands for shoes-addicted: symbol of the fashionable shoe but with attitude, luxurious but a little irreverent. One of the most important styles for this f/w is a sleek ankle boot that embodies this season’s inspiration of refined rock, with the metal ring that wraps the ankle. In the most “committed” version, the upper is finished in leopard-print pony hair. Shy guys abstain. Edited by Angelica Pianarosa, Ph. Michele Gastl.



Sono ormai lontani i tempi in cui le calzature sportive venivano relegate a palestre e campi da gioco. Sempre vetusto è il concetto di considerarle come scarpa da tempo libero, il passe-partout per un piede casual. Le sneakers, oggi così universalmente riconosciute, quelle che poche decadi fa definivamo “le scarpe da tennis”, sono un accessorio irrinunciabile nel guardaroba di ogni uomo. … Continua a leggere →


Stringate Jimmy Choo  f/w 2014/15 

Una perfetta sintesi di due opposti: il suede color tormalina ad effetto vintage degrada, grazie ad una eccellente lavorazione, in una punta in vitello nero lucidissimo. Questa è la proposta Jimmy Choo (design: Tamara Mellon) per la stringata da sera, elegante si ma con un twist moderno. A cura di Angelica Pianarosa, Foto Michele Gastl.

A perfect mix of two opposites … Continua a leggere →


Animal activist, #keepcalm. You don’t have to think that a garment made of croc print leather is a B choice. They don’t give the idea of “I wish but I can’t”. First of all they aren’t cheap garments at all, because the procedures involve a high degree of manual dexterity, several steps and very long processing time; therefore, we’re talking about valued objects however. Then, the luxury effect is guaranteed. Last but not least…animal activists (me included) can keep calm. Man with fur or dressed in reptile leather is not new: almost every celebrity has worn them since the 70s, from Stallone to Elton John, Gunter Sachs, Helmut Berger, Serge Gainsbourg. Sure, the phisique du role or the extravaganza of the man in question play an essential role in the success of an exaggerated look. If, vice versa, you are not a rockstar nor anyone similar, set a balance between luxury and minimal and you will be on the right way. Marlon Brando in a scene of the movie “The Fugitive Kind” (1959).