It’s not easy to organize and realize a fashion shoot . The role of a creative director it’s essential as much as the photographer’s skills and creativity.
A team working on set is formed by many characters: the fashion editor (stylist), the groomer (hair and make up), the photographer’s assistants, the fashion assistant and obviously the subject.  A good overall result depends on the general mood of the team, the chemistry and harmony between the members. The empathic exchange between photographer and the subject portrayed it’s also an essential element, like the synergy between staff members. When you come across perfectly balanced situations on set, which can be rare, it’s possible to take outstanding pictures despite the worst odds, when you are shooting outdoors and it starts pouring rain, for example. Besides, when we shoot summer collections it’s still winter. Right: Richard Avedon and Fred Astaire on set filming “Funny Face” in Paris. Picture by David Seymour/Magnum from “Evidence 1944-1994 Richard Avedon”

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