The new leather. Leather, napa leather, suede. Treated, hammered. Black, coloured and white, “off white” in fashion language. In other words, leather is one of the main trends of this season, the real protagonist of s/s collections. But the most interesting note is its metamorphosis in fashion culture: leather lose a big part of its sporty appeal and, above all, a big part of that erotic unconscious celebrated by thousands of fashion shoots, from Newton to Testino, and as many drawings by the most famous illustrators in the world, like Thierry Perez or Touko Laaksonen, known as Tom of Finland. So leather soften his feature, goes far from sexual allusions that relegated it to a strong and bold sphere, and come in our wardrobes in new shapes and volumes. The “new leather” is one of the most clear signs of a fashion that never stops. Above, drawing by Thierry Perez for Gianni Versace.

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