Armani and that style that makes men beautiful. I like Giorgio Armani and I like him when he’s true to himself. Creations born from the genius of the designer that, around 30 years ago, changed the characteristics of menswear – when they are in line with “Armani style” – are really Great. However, a designer, after all this time always on the front line, always in first person, a man that refused to entrust his image to others ignoring alleances with celebrated journalists or stylists – for example Ford/Roitfeld and Gigli/Carla Sozzani – understandably feels like changing his codes of expression. But we are fond of that style, of that feature that made him famous all over the world and is the winning formula still today. Tim Blanks – about the 2014 s/s collection – wrote: “The color … was more insinuating in pale blush pinks that played against white”. Pale shades, pastel colours, or sand, white, grey and beige: the famous Armani “greige”. And the beauty of those suits – now as then – fluid e baggy, of those fabrics that brush the skin. A menswear that gives self-confidence and makes men Beautiful (with a capital B), is the best eternal youth potion. Above: the Giorgio Armani 2014 s/s collection; and below, an Armani suit in a 1989 picture by Diego D’Alessandro for Mondo Uomo.

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