The silhouette starts from below. Many brands that have made fashion history – such as Prada, Gucci, Hermès, Vuitton, Trussardi- at the beginning produced “only” accessories. The same for Berluti (part of LVMH group): the total look development starts from here. Alessandro Sartori debuted as creative director last winter, in 2012: his collections are appreciated, describe with emphasis a male tendency for luxury, so that Berluti opened a boutique last january in Via Sant’Andrea in Milan, in the heart of “quadrilateral”. “Thinking about the silhouette starting from below, that is from the shoes, has been a fascinating and innovative exercise”: in short, Sartori starts from a different point of view to create very surprising outfits, “in which the leather handling and handmade treatments, make every garment special and unique”. Obsessive care for details is Alessandro’s strong point: when he was the creative director of ZZegna, he described me the collection each and every point, with such a meticolousness and passion  that I’ve rarely found in others designers. A passion that includes enthusiasm, ardor, involvement and above all emotion. “I love the light that comes from some men, regardless of age and origin, that creates a rare and exclusive, almost magic, effect”. Well done, Alessandro, we wait for you with open arms! above, Alessandro Sartori wears Berluti total look. Picture from Style by Matthew Brookes; below, Berluti brogue, model “Dark Chocolate”.

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  • Angela | 21 novembre 2013 alle 08:42

    Sartori: stilista a tuttotondo, cresciuto in casa Zegna, riesce a trasmettere forti emozioni con colori e stile. Doti di ingegno e sensibilità non comuni.