New Sartorial.  Fashion merge with classic, and tailoring update itself. This is the new revolution of menswear, the only one real trend that has resisted since several seasons ago. Fashion is the new mean of a centuries-old tradition, that is the bespoke; boutiques have cocoon-like lounges ready to receive the most demanding customers, the ones that until some years ago “went to the tailor”. The essence doesn’t change, it’s just a matter of habit: tailor make his experience available and designers help him to renovate, revise the cuts and suit’s fitting. The concept has been sanctioned by Dolce & Gabbana, that presented in London – birthblace of bespoke – a cruise collection composed by very classic suits of tailoring finish. Without provocation purposes but, actually, with a great respect, they have mixed the gentle and polite touch of the best british tradition and italian knowledge, taste and flair.  Anderson & Sheppard’s team in the picture by Ben Baker for Fortune Magazine (2008).

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