Perhaps, there aren’t anymore stars like there used to be, or maybe the seductive power of a time worn face is more likely to be reassuring than a young man one.To be honest I’m afraid the reason could be that the show business keeps churning out artist who are becoming famous overnight, often without deserving it. In fact, it’s easy to realize it by having a look at the latest fashion magazines that older man are the new icons. One example is Willem Dafoe, who has been modelling for Prada and is now on the cover of Another Magazine, portrayed by Venderperre (on the right) in a Louis Vuitton outfit. Also over 40 model Andre Van Noord, is very popular at the moment and he’s also Trussardi’s new face, photographed by Albert Watson. Such strong personalities and expressive faces really help empower the brand communication , because they are credible whatever they may wear. This kind of men evidently have the intensity that most are missing. As long as they wont wear a plaid shawl instead of a coat.
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