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Bike is trendy. Maybe Milan wasn’t ready; but sooner or later such an international metropolis had to start a process of evolution towards a conscious future. But every two posts of the mayor Beppe Sala, there’s (still) someone who: “Why don’t we talk about the bycicle lanes in corso Buenos Aires?”. I pass there every day by car on my way to the office and, at first, I admit that adapting wasn’t simple; so much so…and I didn’t need so much time to get used to that. I could do nothing more wrong than stating which is the best attire to ride a bike; clothing brands specialized in sportswear, as well as in formal wear and fashion, have legitimized all the possible variations for the outdoor, that – today – can’t be described as “free-time wear” anymore. And now, the bike is the real trend, since we’re in the midst of Giro d’Italia…