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The perfect single. In 2009 A single man, directed by Tom Ford, was out in cinemas. The cinematographic adaptation of the novel by Christopher Isherwood got an Oscar nomination and won a Coppa Volpi for Best Male Actor (Colin Firth, playing the part of the californian professor George Falconer). The novel lingers neither on the care that Falconer has for his appearance, nor on the nearly obsessive attention to details that, instead, represents a key element in the movie. Who internalized the figure of the professor thanks to Isherwood’s virtuosity, and then watched Ford’s adaptation, could have been annoyed by the softened and cold perfection of the character. The same thing happened for his bestfriend, Charlotte, interpreted by a sensational Julianne Moore. Tom Ford projected himself onto Falconer, even if he keeps the dramatic nature of the story. This would be Firth’s look (with accessories) if the story would have been set in 2016 instead of 1962. Tom Ford portrayed by Terry Richardson for Style Magazine (2009).