JEANS/ American english, from (blue) jeans. An heavy strong twilled kind of cotton, mostly blue. Invariant adjective: jeans. Trousers made of different material from the cotton fabric and in a different shade of blue, but cutted the same way as blue jeans. DENIM/ (From Nimes, french city where it was produced). Very hard wearing twisted cotton fabric generally dark and used for making work uniforms and similars. Besides the dictionary, let’s set this straight. At first “jeans” was just the name of the fabric, nowadays we use that term even to define a kind of trousers, (5 pockets one). The word ”Denim”, instead, it’s still only related the fabric. Altrough all the symbolic and stylistic values that has been attributed to denim in its history, it was created in 1860 as a fabric for making work uniforms.

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