Men Issue met MYKITA’s founders (from left) Moritz Krueger, Philipp Haffmans, Daniel Haffmans and Harald Gottschling. Since 2003 Mykita has been supplying hand-assembled eyewear for the high-end segment.The latest one is the collaboration with the German bases designer Bernard Willhelm.
How did the collaboration with Bernard Willhelm start? Is the creativity coming from the designer only or is it a result of the collaboration? The cooperation with Bernard Willhelm and the setting up of his 2009 F|W collection, happened to be at the same time.The collection was inspired by the Innsbruck Olympics Games of 1976. Inspired from the mood of the collection, we created an eyewear collection with strong 70s style and ultra light metal Mikita, very modern and innovative. The importance of glasses as an accessory. How to choose the right one, 3 advices. Since the eyes are the most powerful communication tool, glasses become a defining element of someone’s look.There are no rules about how to choose te right one, I only suggest to choose it a bit bigger rather than smaller, matching your facial proportions.You need to be comfortable with the shape, as it should be an extension of your personality. What’s the trademark characteristic of Mykita’s glasses?Is it the design or the refined materials? Both. Mykita is a symbol of beauty and tecnology, our will is to create a product that is tecnologic and at the same time very strong from an aesthetic point of view.This are the two defining elements of the brand. Our idea of modern product is not a replica of the models we seen in the past, is instead a reinterpretation and an evolution of them. Who do you wish to collaborate with in the future? I wish to collaborate not with fashion designers only but also with innovative names from the design and the architecture industries such as Dieter Rams and Tadao Ando From the fashion industry Comme De Garcons.

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