Mars in furs. Be realistic. A man in furs is a pop-star habit. It’s not strange if they’re worn by Elton John. Or if it’s an artist, or an actor, that shows off an animalier blazer. The fur on a man passes by (almost) unnoticed when we see it worn by show-business men, artists, trendsetters or eccentrics intellectuals. In the 70s it was in fashion, and was worn by “common” (meaning unknown) men. But they dared, at most, to wear lined shearling or coats with fur lapels. Today it’s an “aesthetic challenge that’s worth trying” (as written by the colleague Michele Ciavarella on Style). Is it right? Maybe. My point of view: if we’re talking about eco-fur, ok, let’s try. Or rather: you try. If it’s real fur, of any kind of animal, I choose the Facebook option for those who don’t want to join those annoying group chats: “Leave the conversation”. Rock Hudson on the set of the movie Lover Come Back by Delbert Mann, 1961.



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