The right choices to go on holiday. Yes, travelling. And maybe, do you expect that I’ll add “with style”? No, I won’t. Dress like you feel better, first of all handiness and comfort. But let’s distinguish the two parts of a journey: the travel to reach the destination, and the stay. For the first part consider what I’ve written. For the second, it depends on the destination. Or on the destinations, if you have chosen an itinerant and adventurous holiday. In this case, you have to prefer a sporty attire, apt to protect you from bad weather, especially in cold countries: this counts for garments like the anorak (or do you prefer a classic Burberry?) and for accessories as well. If you have chosen hot and sunny places, you have two options. A. A lot of white and ecru, linen and light cotton (not poplin), espadrilles or canvas sneakers. B. Bermuda shorts made of floral nylon, tank top and rubber sandals. I wouldn’t influence your choice, so I won’t tell you if the correct answer is A or B. A word is enough to the wise. Corneliani suit in the picture, above, by Stefan Giffthaler for Style Magazine; Burberry raincoat and Dolce&Gabbana backpack in the shot, below, by Luca Merli for Sportweek.

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