Dolce&Gabbana clothe the perfect husband. The Dolce&Gabbana Sartoria project is part of “An italian dream”. The first two collections of Men’s Haute Couture (the first one presented in London three seasons ago, the second one in Milan last july), were a kind of start-up: but the collection presented last january, in Milan as well, makes the game serious. The magnificent area in Corso Venezia, dedicated to made to measure, is a real atelier where tailors satisfy every request: from suit to tails, even to nightgowns. Domenico Dolce admits that the starting point of this project came from their Women’s Haute Couture clients: “They gave us the idea; why can’t their husbands have such unique garments as well?”. The designers has created a perfect collection, differently well-structured, that includes even the homewear. A real ideal world that contains all the Great Beauty of italian literature and movies. “Our men’s high fashion starts from a dream: a well-dressed man, but not only in formal occasions. We like conceiving a complete tailor-made wardrobe, with clothes that are the right ensemble of eccentricity and tailoring tradition. A coat, a scarf or a sporty polo-shirt, made specifically for the appearance and personality of single men that demands unique garments”. A sketch of a tuxedo by Dolce&Gabbana. Anouk Aimèè and Mastroianni, a frame of La Dolce Vita

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