The perfect double-breasted with a trick. The nth praise of the double-breasted suit, a further tribute to elegance. There’s no other garment in menswear that designs the silhouette so well: the one with eight buttons is particularly recommended for those who want to highlight the shoulders’ width and tighten the waist. And be wary of the imitations of tailoring: in this period there’s plenty of suits badly sewed and, as I always repeat, be careful with proportions. The jacket musn’t be too short, otherwise you’ll look shorter. The same for the trousers, first of all the turn-up, that hasn’t to be higher than 3 or 4 cm – and it depends on your height too: the higher is the turn-up, the shorter seem the legs -, then be careful about the lenght, that must touch the shoes. With such an austere look, you can break this formal precision with a bright print for the tie and one softer for the shirt, mainly if the suit is plain colour or with a very slight pattern. In the picture: Luca Argentero wears a Kiton double-breasted suit, ph. Rankin.


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