Back to the past for Lauren and Weber. Mister Lauren inaugurates the first Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store in New York, relaunches the line in Europe and for the occasion, after a few years, Bruce Weber (that started his collaboration with Lauren in 1981) restarts to shoot the adv campaigns for one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. Yes, because Ralph Lauren is more than a brand, is a real trademark: like Coca-Cola and Ferrari. This name evokes an American lifestyle we’ve always envied: that healthy American Beauty that refers to Hampton beaches and Aspen cottages. That self-confident style that smells like high bourgeoisie, that Kennedy-inspired mood that’s so esotic and out of reach for us, and that sporty but elegant attitude, that are the main features of Polo by Ralph Lauren. So, to strenghten his success, Ralph Lauren goes back to his roots and calls back Weber, the irreplaceable creator of that dream lifestyle. In the last years the company devoted itself to stabilize the classic line, the Purple Label. Is it time to bring back to fashion that evergreen mood that we had forgotten? Mr. Lauren says: “When I started to design, i started with classic timeless garments, a style that I called Polo. I think there’s a great opportunity to increase the wish for Polo all over the world and to add a new cool and modern mood to the brand”. Above, a shot adv Polo by Bruce Weber.

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