Brioni’s “dandy”, anything but ordinary. At the base of Brioni’s collection, designed by Brendan Mullane, there’s a magnificent expression of luxury. From the most upper leather like the “sculpted” mink fur to a special limited edition, of handpainted silk satin garments. The designer suggests a kind of man that puts first perfection; a modern dandy. The part of the collection that we should call “classic” is very special anyway, different from any other creation. There are single/double breasted suits pursuant to european tradition mixed with oriental, especially japanese, codes: and that’s the “kimono suit”. But how this perfect refinement coexists with everyday life? Is the man who wears Brioni out of  the common? Mullane answers: “Brioni’s man is anything but ordinary, indeed. He’s a real gentleman, cultured and globetrotter. He has an excellent taste and is attracted by beauty. His lifestyle is exclusive and he chooses garments that reflect this uniqueness. He’s in search of the difference, even a little daring, to be a genuine person. He’s really charismatic, and chooses Brioni to have a new way of expression – rich of traditional values but made through modern sophisticated processes – that makes his style contemporary and refined”.

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