Today elegance is in three pieces. Men’s fashion by Dolce&Gabbana is really appreciated. Its protagonist feature is a succession of black and white that can be both broken or worn as a total look: total white, total black. Between these two “extremes”, in the middle of their collections, there’s often a coloured part, which is usually subtle and usually used only when clothes or accessories are brightened up with prints. The double-breasted, three-pieces suit in the picture is midnight blue, similar to black: the waistcoat worn under the double-breasted jacket emphasizes a strong personality (waistcoats are usually worn under single-breasted jackets, that – without the tie and with the shirt’s buttons in different diameters – sketches the appearance of a “sumptuous” but at the same time eccentrically modern fashion. Domenico and Stefano recap in this way: “The three-pieces suit is the symbol of a contemporary elegance, and we particularly love it, because it makes men elegant, even when they take off the jacket. Moreover, the double-breasted jacket is very fashionable again: we’ve revised it in its proportions and cut, to make it interesting also for younger customers”. The jacket reveals a glimpse of the waistcoat, the cotton satin fabric makes this shade of blue bright and almost reflecting; the blazer’s cut fits perfectly the body and defines shoulders and waist, thanks to the stretch fabric; and the lapels turn black. Overall, the look as presented in this picture, is perfect for a soiree; but with a different styling -for example with a printed shirt, without waistcoat and matched with sand trousers or jeans – is suitable for the day. In this picture by Andrea Gandini for Io Donna, Mark Vanderloo wears Dolce&Gabbana.

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