The new rules of male elegance. Andrea Incontri is a fashion designer who’s going to be increasingly well-known. His menswear mainly consider two elements: sportswear and classic-formal clothing; two features that merge each other in total harmony and give birth to a new menswear’s thought, very characterised, that is met with great approval by who wants to find – in a collection – comfort, personality and tradition, even if with the right amount of fashion. “In my collections there’s always a combination of classic and sport”, and infact the parka in the picture on the right is made of a “writing” fabric, that is the folds form a graphic sign that draw the garment, but the manufacture is clearly traditional: “Cuts are rigorous and sartorial, but fabrics are waxed, inspired to a open-air life”. Other looks, instead, are more suitable for a “more dynamic lifestyle, quick in choosing what to wear but always careful to a precise elegance code”. Just like the wonderful jacket made of bouclè wool, matched with bermuda shorts and heavy socks (on the left)? Isn’t it a risky suggestion for winter? No, it’s not, if we think that designers collections are sold all over the world: in London, for example, a man who walks around dressed like this is not strange at all, neither when it’s 5°. Maybe in Italy we’ll buy only the jacket: I will do. Andrea Incontri fashion show, f/w 2013 collection.

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