When fine art photography made us dream.

Objective beauty exists and is the antidote against the confusion reigning over fashion  photography-related standards. The quality of fashion photography does not depend on good taste in clothing, as we may not like a dress but when the picture it’s good its value will last through the years. Otherwise I can’t explain why older photographers are still role models and why social networks keep on suggesting old pictures as symbols of beauty and prestige. Today fashion photography is going in a different direction, it became more important to shoot the best selling pieces and the styling has lost its importance. Companies just want to see their starched clothes without a soul, there’s also a lack of technique: we are far too easily satisfied, we dream less and fashion gradually looses its status because all campaigns in the end look almost the same. If you take a look at the picture in the middle by Paolo Roversi(a 20 years old Valentino ad campaign), you’ll see how he managed to create intensity and a three dimensional effect “just” using the right light. The model David Boal, the velvet maxi coat and a striking styling did the rest. We still have lots of beautiful clothes and men but photographers like him, not so many. Valentino ad campaign from 1993: picture by Paolo Roversi.

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