Some colors are timeless and they never go out of fashion. I’m not talking about white, protagonist of this week’s photo. In fact white is not even a color, it also doesn’t have black’s (overrated?) reputation, because you know what they say “you can’t go wrong wearing black”. This picture is from an Harper’s Bazaar Uomo of 1994, it shows how the reverberation of light (already emphasized by a purposely bright background)has been softened by the use of two camel nuances for the sweater, one stronger than the other. In this case, shades can help mitigate the “total white” effect, an annoying 80s peculiarity which periodically comes back being chosen by designers with recognized intellectual creative skills. The color identified as camel (which is a shade of brown-beige) instead it’s simply timeless, is one of men’s favourite colors and is highly rated anytime brought back by fashion designers as over the last couple of years; Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Zegna and Valentino have built entire collections on its transversality.It’s a refined and reassuring fil-rouge that fits every skin tone, from the blond viking through the irish redhead to the mediterranean male. Photo by Mauro Balletti, Atesh is wearing Dries Van Noten and Dolce & Gabbana knitwear.

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