“Who is ever going to wear that?”. Now more than ever the most popular comment between non-fashion insiders, because today we see a lot of people wearing “that”. Some excesses aren’t strictly catwolk-related anymore, why? Because the system is deeply changed: today a good half of the brands, is gaining profit from the self-portraits of tons of fashion addicts with their favorite designer’s pieces on and sharing them on the social networks. That’s it, through this media the picture can reach millions of people in half a second.It doesn’t even matter if the sobject actually do know anything about fashion or not, the value of the picture resides in two main features: beauty (real or assumed), and contest: the most popular shots are being taken by others, because that is a plus. If , on top of that, the picture is being taken at the front row of a fashion show, party or similars it can get a huge amount of views. It’s useless to wander if all of this makes any sense, because this is how things work now. It’s just better to get used to it and try not to be too queasy: If certain attitudes and laughable poses help to boost sales, it’s all good. Waiting for better days.

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