peter lindbergh



Start-up. Self-confident: being aware of who we are and how we look like. Unconventional: unusual, different. Memorizing, putting together and mixing garments from our closet that instinctively seem compatible to us but not necessarily complementary. In other words, apply on yourself a style procedure that is often the start-up for fashion designers. They, travelling, go in search of new ideas, original inspirations, that they usually find – strangely enough – on the stalls of vintage markets. Look at your wardrobe like it’s the first time, eliminating the habits, trying not to wear the same things: mix up the cards, improvise, invent. Start the season with the will of being “new”. A look of Comme des Garcons in a picture of Peter Lindbergh (1994)


Questo scatto di Peter Lindbergh fa parte di un monografico dedicato alla Cina uscito nell’autunno del 1986. Le stringate in pelle scamosciata con para alta di Cesare Paciotti erano un must dell’epoca. Il trench-coat di Reporter con le maniche ampie sarebbe giustissimo per oggi.

This shot by Peter Lindbergh is part of a Monograph on China released in the fall of 1986. The lace up shoes in suede with an high para by Cesare Paciotti were a must of the time. The trench-coat by Reporter with wide sleeves would be perfect also today.