moncler grenoble


The top of style. Sporty and classy: in the mountains with style. The technological development of the fashion industry has often favoured comfort at the expense of appearance. Bright down jacket with a reflective effect, stuffed trousers, absurd boots, which are waterproof but also horrific. Luckily there’s a U-turn from this season on: waterproof garments and accessories that are also warm, comfortable and windproof, now become more fashionable and, above all, more appealing. Store your synthetic fluo jackets in mothballs and opt for neutral colors and wool fabric. Store your down mittens and buy a pair of gloves made of waterproof leather; wear a turtleneck instead of the sweatshirt and velvet trousers. Finally, free yourself of those old laced boots and try to imagine the coolness of a pair of leather shoes with non-slip sole and snowproof upper.


Creatività. Intarsi, large righe orizzontali e fantasie, queste ultime usate anche negli accessori come il boot di Alberto Guardiani: con dettagli in tessuto argyle. O, diversamente, lusso estremo per i mocassini in pelle “specchiata” di Car Shoe.
Inventiveness. Marquetry, large horizontal stripes and prints. Prints are also used in some accessories like the Alberto Guardiani boots: they have argyle textile details. Or rather, extremely luxury shoes like the Car Shoe loafer made in “reflecting” leather.

Gilet in maglia di lana  melange idrorepellente effetto tricot con interno in piuma d’oca Moncler Grenoble

Pelle specchiata effetto used per i mocassini di Car Shoe

Cappotto doppiopetto in lana fantasia e guanti in nappa, Lanvin

Stringata in pelle scamosciata con doppia para e dettagli in tessuto, Alberto Guardiani

Maglione ad intarsi, Pringle Of Scotland

Giacca imbottita fantasia con maniche in maglia, Umit Benan