All sides of knitwear. Pullover, sweater, jumper, cardigan. There’s a wide range of nouns included in a single word, definitely acquired by fashionable slang: knitwear. As many are the models that complete the male wardrobe: there’s the “V” neck, the round neck, the turtle neck, the cardigan. Another element that characterizes further this commodities sector is the variety of fabric, that – in winter – is largely wool or cashmere: in this season cotton is rarely used, and only for sportswear. the more intellectual côté of fashion often wears knitwear as outerwear; refined designers and luminary of the most snob side like Yamamoto, designed long “coat-like cardigans” made of ribbed wool. The captivating and clever luxury by Gucci, now suggests beautiful round-neck pullovers, with heavy yarn and bright colours; they don’t replace the coat, but they should be worn under a light jacket, maybe unlined and soft. The final effect is a practical but chic mix, especially directed to young customers, but I think it could be brilliant for more mature men too, searching for a cool and informal look, but with a touch of quality. Bazaar Uomo 1993, Maxi-Cardigan by Yohij Yamamoto Ph. Judson Baker; The Men Issue ottobre 2013, Gucci. Ph. Letizia Ragno.





La maglieria di quest’anno é “materica”: filati grossi, trecce, intarsi; ruba le lavorazioni e i disegni agli aran irlandesi e allo stesso tempo strizza l’occhio al gusto etnico. Il knitwear  diventa protagonista del look senza alcuno sforzo. Negli scatti, realizzati in esclusiva per The Men Is ue, lo scollo a V, il girocollo, il dolcevita, trovano una dimensione soft, quasi intima: la maglia preferita come un cocoon dentro il quale affrontare l’inverno.

Foto di Letizia Ragno

Styling e testo di Angelica Pianarosa

Modello Dustin @ Fashion

Nelle foto, da sinistra in senso orario: dolcevita in lana, Isabel Marant pour H&M; maglione in lana a V, Luca Larenza; maglione in lana con fantasia geometrica, Moncler; maglione girocollo in cashmere, Gucci.