gant rugger


In the 70s it was a typical style of the student movements, in the 90s it was a trend and today it’s in fashion again: knitwear used as a jacket or (more fashionable) as a coat. But it has to be thick, heavy, bulky; it doesn’t have to be cashmere necessarily, there are other extraordinary wools. If you like it and if you are sporty and a bit nostalgic, try the cardigans with jacquard motifs, fastened with a zip or – better – with a belt made of the same fabric; the classic leather buttons are ok too. If you are more fashion-oriented, opt for the long cardigan-coats suggested by many designers. Finally, if you are hesitant, well, I suggest you to have at least a turtle neck or a sweater made of  these amazing weaves that seem to be made with the crochet hook.


Men’s fashion changes direction. Fall/winter collections are sold since the first days of July, but I feel like ruling out that italian men have already cleaned out the stores, thinking about a new wardrobe. Why did I write a “new” wardrobe? It’s simple, because fashion – also men’s – has changed direction; the proof comes from last fashion shows in June that reaffirmed a drastic transformation (but it’s a matter of summer 2014, it’s too early to talk about). By now, anyway, the turning point is clear. The general trend exclude the sportswear in favour of a style with no midtones: very elegant or very fashionable. Or both together. To sum up: – Among classic shades, grey, blue and camelhair last but, in compensation, winter lights up with colours like yellow, red and light blue. – The fur is back, as a coat or as an embellishment on lapels of long coats: the three quarters jacket has, infact, almost vanished; it’s time of the calf-lenght coat or the waist-lenght jacket, there’s hardly anything in the middle. – Patterns on fabric (heavy wool and flanel mainly) goes from macro-tartan to glenchecks and houndstooth, and the double-breasted suit is in again. Michael Caine in 1966, wearing a double-breasted suit, one of the winter trends.


Choosing what to wear on a mountain summer holiday can be more complex than you think. The habitués know what to do, but random tourists never know how to pack.”Is it going to be cold in the evening? And what if it’s not going to be sunny during the day? What shall I wear?”. A simple advice for those less accustomed: when in doubt bring more options, expecting to layer your clothing.
This year two historical brands, Lacoste and Colmar are 80 and 90 years old, respectively, so why not to celebrate the anniversaries by opting for a remarkable wardrobe? Traditional formal, practical elegance: you can’t go wrong. If I may, I’d like to suggest a destination: Ortisei in the Dolomites. At the Adler Balance Hotel especially, connected with the “historical” but more recent Adler which has been decorated in modern contemporary designs, you will get to enjoy an amazing outdoor swimming pool and fantastic relaxing Spa treatments. In the picture the Adler Balance Hotel in Ortisei.