Over my skin. The heavy jumper, or the cool wool pullover. Worn on the naked skin they evoke erotic recalls, dear to the costume designers of the movies by Visconti, Rossellini, Bertolucci, Zurlini up to more recent movies like Call me by your name by Guadagnino. Timeless, and genderless, sensuality, inspiring the styling of fashion shows and fashion shootings. The lack of the shirt allows the sweater’s fabric to caress the shapes, following and enhancing softly chest, breasts, shoulders; depending on body and personality, the pullover, when thin, is nice to be worn inside the trousers. But beware of the cleavage: the tolerance about its depth is very fleeting, don’t exaggerate.



Three steps towards the future. A summer ago we were free to travel, have fun, go shopping. Today we are halfway (hopefully) from nightmare and the day after, (still) stuck in a bubble of uncertainty. We’re living our first summer in black and white after years of (naive) inconsciousness, at the mercy of false values, clouded by appearance and far from the essence. The cover of Style Magazine – a magazine about style, especially twice a year and this is one of those times – sends a message for the future: the location chosen by the photographer, an inspired Max Vadukul, represents the past to be demolished and contrasts with the volitive attitude of the three young actors: Laura Adriani, Matteo Oscar Giuggioli and Alberto Boubakar Malanchino. The mood of the fashion – simple, basic – suggests a timeless “menstyle”: a step back, towards a discreet, but not nostalgic, elegance. A step back to make three steps forward: towards a better future that, by now, we can only imagine. And that we have to regain and deserve.


Dinner in Versilia.

There are fashion pictures and photos of actors and actresses hanging on the walls just like at Paper Moon in Milan, the Via Bagutta restaurant which since the 70s  has become the meeting place for all fashion insiders. We are in Tuscany, more specifically in Massa, Versilia..totally different atmosphere and habits and a wholesome yet quite special menu, to avoid the obvious. Convitto it’s a refined 50s style restaurant,  recommended twice in the Gambero Rosso’s Guide: not the typical restaurant as they also sell design pieces, clothes and accessories (everything in the restaurant it’s available to buy, from the chandelier to the chairs). The high standard fashion selection includes coats, denim and footwear: it is basically the only “boutique” in the area where’s possible to find Church’s Shanghai shoes, which have been realized in the same shape of those worn by Galeazzo Ciano, when he was Italian Consul in China. On top, the Convitto restaurant in Massa, Versilia.