This is how the sportswear seduced us. As necessary as unavoidable: sweatshirts, joggers, T-shirts, pure white socks, sneakers. The appearance of sportswear dates back to the 80s, the years of American Gigolò and the bad remake of Breathless, starring Gere – that then was the sex-symbol par excellence – and Valerie Kaprinsky. Even if it was defined in the  gymnastic environment (who didn’t go to the gym was a loser), the branded tracksuit became suddenly a must-have. In the 90s, the sport-tech became common in everyday lives: from then on, in alternating periods, it appeared on the catwalk and, aside from the seasons, it has remained a common way people dress, from Jude Law to Mr. Mario Bianchi. There are lots of us thinking that the sportswear invasion has been a disaster, the responsible of the homogenisation and of the loss of that sense of style that, all in all, was innate even in men. On the other hand, it is so  comfortable and practical, that even the undersigned, a leading supporter of what just written, has ceded to the outdoor mood. What I avoid, are the clothes with too pronounced technical features, made of artificial fibres that, in this season, are too warm and uncomfortable. If I have to wear a tracksuit, I opt for cotton, and I opt for lisle socks. Mainly because I don’t run, I don’t practice pole vaulting, long or high jump; so, well, I’m certainly not an Olympic athlete. Style Magazine preview; ph. Stefan Giftthaler.

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