Brendan’s second time at Castello. Last January Brioni debuted on the catwalk, during Men’s Fashion Week in Milan. The creative direction of Brendan Mullane, irish designer chosen 3 years ago to make a restyling of a brand founded in 1945 and specialized in tailored clothing, gave back shine and appeal to it. In the years before Mullane, Brioni was an important brand in classic/formal menswear as well, but the necessity of renovation, also due to the – very fast – evolution of its competitors, prevailed over immobility. Mullane, before January, always chose static presentations. In incredible location, in extremely luxurious context. Very refined collections. And with a fashion touch that -before – Brioni didn’t use to have. In a few weeks it will be on a catwalk for the second time, and for the second time at Castello Sforzesco. A challenge. Because fashion shows and presentations are very different. On a catwalk you have to experience the looks very quickly, while models walks in front of you. You can’t touch fabrics. During a fashion show you are distracted by many variables. And if you want to take notes or a picture, maybe you’ll miss the two following outfits. So, the collection for a show has to be more impressive than the one for a presentation, where models stand still for hours, and you can look and look again. A challenge that will be won by Mullane. Brendan Mullane in a portrait by Francesco Bertola.

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