That ribbon that betrayed Madonna. Oh, Madonna! What a tumble! But I’m not upset for the flight you made falling down during your tour, since you didn’t hurt yourself. You made a real, unforgettable, lapse of style. Giorgio Armani (in the picture) designed for you a cape, closed by a hook: rumors has it that you chose to replace it with a ribbon, a ribbon that maybe got caught on your fingers while you opened it next to the stage’s steps. Then the rumor tells that a dancer stepped on the cape’s train, et voilà, a tumble worthy of Stanlio and Ollio. Anything else is “history”. A bad, unpleasant episode that doesn’t live up to your reputation. You get angry with King George. He answers that maybe it’s your, and not his, fault, if you chose to replace the hook with a (probably slippery) ribbon for your ballet (all the more so that Armani is a fashion designer, not your choreographer), and – you know that our Country is little, and people whisper – you threatened to sue him. Now, if this is true as it seems to be, I take the liberty of telling you that you made a very bad impression, that corresponds to the clichè of the arrogant and assertive popstar. I remember when at Sanremo’s festival you treated Baudo like an idiot, but it was 1995, twenty years ago, and you were only a girl (well, nearly a girl), and I forgave you for that poor behaviour. But now, since I’ve seen you more naked than dressed over the last 30 years or more – and I can’t take it anymore -, with this last episode, I’m officially an ex-fan.

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