Elegance in a blazer. The style concept of Sergio Colantuoni was already clear when, graduated at the Domus Academy, joined as a stylist L’Uomo Vogue. His journalistic career in Condè Nast continued at Per Lui, until 1990. From then on, Colantuoni has kept on collaborating with several fashion, design and food magazines. Sergio is called a “lifestyler”: in other words, he works on the image, broadly speaking, he cares about beauty of life in its most pleasant sides like dressing, surrounding oneself with beautiful and customized “things”, passion for good cooking and interior design. That certain menswear unconscious – extremely precise – since two years ago has become concrete: the Caruso clothing collection, designed by Sergio Colantuoni: this brand, in my opinion, is now one of the four most interesting and cool brands in menswear. “The important thing to me is to tell a story through the clothes worn by the Caruso boys, that interpret the outfits I design, in continuous development. The Caruso stores are a tailoring experience (in January a boutique has opened in via Gesù, Milan, after the opening in New York). I work a lot on garments’ (especially the blazers’, which are the higher expression of elegance) functionality (in the pictures, from above, blazer Fefè with embellished accessory-pocket Essential and jacket Tosca, with a double-purpose buttoning, Ed.). Great attention also to accessories, that complete the silhouette and make it special, like the tie-scarf Essential”.

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