Etro, the dreamer, renews the tradition. Kean Etro the visionary, the dreamer, the idealist. Kean Etro = Etro Menswear (Womenswear is designed by his sister Veronica); the main feature of his collections is that smart eccentricity (dutiful clarification, because eccentricity is often an end in itself) that is a result of a fantastic and imaginative journey. So, a kind of dream is the starting point of Kean. Sure, an overall paisley print could be a risk, even if it has been a peculiarity of Etro’s man since the 90s, but today the designer has redefined this style. How? Giving more importance to the subject of the classic/traditional wear (the glencheck, the checks, the tweed); but maintaining those prints on lining and accessories. But there’s more: his brother Jacopo has introduced in the collection some fabulous sneakers. To sum up, this is a new chapter, that explores more contemporary situations. Kean Etro explains his amazing collection like this: “It can be described as a New Tradition concept, an expression that we coined and has always represented for us a focus. Research and experimentation, the wish for something new, aren’t separate from the artisan side. The value of an handmade seam, the sense of proportions and fabric and the care for details, make the more original or “daring” suit full of the experience of generations of tailors. The same that I brought on the catwalk for the f/w ’14-’15 show”. In the pictures, the Etro sneakers; an outfit of the f/w 2014 collection.

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