Beautiful motorcycles, beautiful stories. Oscar Tasso, cohort of 1976. A beautiful italian story of strenght and passion. An example of strenght because Oscar planned his idea, “Art in Motion”, while he was (temporarily) laid up due to a serious motorcycle crash; and motorcycle is exactly the cornerstone of his art. Tasso, that in the meanwhile has come back in the saddle, has entirely handcrafted three motorcycles: they’re special, unique and elegant works (you can find them in his website, that highlight how the motorcycle can be a cult and stylish object. “Every motorcycle has its reason, it is not repeated nor neglected” says Oscar and in fact, looking a the three “specials” – Cupa, Tao and Dark Lady – we feel like having, riding and trying them. I feel like doing it too, although I can hardly be in balance on a bycicle. In these pictures below, some suggestions to ride a stylish motorcycle with good taste.

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