Accessories against anonymity. Man is more disposed to spend for clothes when they are long-lasting. “Timeless” is the key word. We want clothes that can be worn the year after, and then the following one; maybe for several years. So, long live the glencheck and pinstripe, che camelhair coat; the turtleneck that suits everything, the striped shirts. But there’s something new in the air, boutiques notice – finally – a great attention on trends: now more than ever, even the more conformists show such an interest in fashion that, in Italy, has no precedents. Man wants to have something that distinguishes him and makes his style more original; he wants to get noticed with a mood imposed by an aesthetic-evolutive feeling, not by a transgressive impulse. How to make two opposite necessities correspond? How to match two polar versions of menswear, the formal-classic and the fashionable? With the accessories. Like a flowery tie with the double-breasted jacket or a silk colourful scarf to wear with a blue coat. Above, Burberry Prorsum by Christopher Bailey; below, ph. from Style Magazine by Luigi Miano, suit and tie Lardini.

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