The sporty jacket, a fundamental choice. The trendsetters surely have sporty jackets in their wardrobe: in f/w collections there are lots of them. In this summary, I chose the most fashionable garments, with the most unusual details: if the subject of “En Vogue” is Fashion, then let’s talk about Fashion. It being understood that even the classicwear addicted will find his perfect one, there’s something to suit everybody’s fancy. Let’s start with the black ones. There’s the Fendi avant-garde jacket, without lapels and collar, made of wool with two frontal leather strips that, when the zip is closed, form a vertical column (1); but black is the Bottega Veneta jacket too, made of unlined napa leather, tightened by a high band of ribbed wool (2). Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy), that this time has designed a very wearable collection, shows off his talent presenting a very fashion/sporty outerwear (3). The Prada “military” jacket is in two variations: one stiff, made of shiny fabric, and one fiercer, made of flannel (4). Dolce & Gabbana – actually – designed not a jacket but a fabulous sweater that blends with velvet (presented with a styling that tights it around the waist, partly worn inside the trousers), just like their amazing knitwear of their beginning (5). A special mention to Brendan Mullane (Brioni) that enchants with a real work of art: front and back, his silk satin bomber jacket (6) is handpainted with the most ancient tecnique used for kimono in Japan: there are only 20 pieces.

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