The antidote to floral excess. Floral patterns printed on shirt and jackets; in bright colours on a dark background. Or flashy embroideries on knitwear and blazers. This is a trend that surely puts in a good mood, is a light and airy passion “en vogue” today. This is with no doubts one of the most joyful summers I remember, obviously talking about menswear. I’ll just take a step back, when I still gave style advice in this column. When designers suggest colour and prints, there’s the risk to fall in a too gaudy style: if you love this kind of fashion, try to soften the result, matching it with other “sober” clothes. The first thing? The trousers (or bermuda shorts): they must be in plain colour, light or neutral shades such as beige, white, blue or black. Or, if you need to opt for a print, microchecks are allowed. Accessories: belts and shoes matched with the trousers’ shade; shoes can be eccentric only for under 30. Forget backpacks and bags dyed with bright colours, with prints or – worse and worse – with the same patterns you’re wearing. A little bit of common sense and personality are essential to give a style touch to a trend that, in one year…will cease. In the pictures: above, Matthew Avedon in Prada, in a b/w picture by Manfredi Gioacchini; below, a Gucci total look in a shot by Gianluca Fontana.


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