From 1913 till today, during last century, the brand Prada has been changed from the supplier of luxury accessories of the italian royal court and the european elite to a worldwide icon. Its menswear’s total-look project was born in the 90s and it is a declaration of intent from the start: breaking the rules of conformism staying true to a classic/traditional clothing at the same time. From then on, Prada keeps on changing and designs a new man every season. Even if it overturns the previous collection everytime, the concept remains intact: the Prada man is recognisable from miles away. From nylon clothes of the 90s to skimpy cardigans made of silk and wool of 2002; from the collection with origami-garlands to geometrical pop of 2003. In the second part of the 2010s there’s a return of the camelhair coat, today there’s a return of a “rounded” shape of a ’98 show. In this page, there are looks of other brands that can give a hard time to Mrs. Prada.

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