How to look younger if the weather is unstable. Among the menswear trends that have stood out in the last few seasons, there’s an important evolution to be kept under observation: the spring sporty outerwear becomes a in-thing that replaces the light down jacket. In unstable weather days, when it threatens rain, or for who drives motor-scooters, today there are working solutions that make men’s apparel look younger. And surely make it more modern-looking. Consuelo Castiglioni (Marni), has designed and created parkas and long anoraks with a cape shape; fabrics and light are colourful, in plain colours, and matched with classic black suits, slim ties and pure white shirts. Marni – this season – reminds us of the pitied line New York Industrie: clean, basic, elegant. The B (or A, due to different tastes) alternative, is the coat made of suede: more demanding – less practical for sure – is more suitable for over30s, but definitely up-to-date. For Matthew Avedon, NY artist and grandson of the famous photographer, I chose the Trussardi suede trench, with a C.P. Company floral printed shirt. The outfit is cool but “strong”. So, be careful: if you choose this solution, you must have charm to spare. From above: a Marni look and Matthew Avedon photographed by Manfredi Gioacchini for Style Magazine.

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